Tourism development is an effective tool to diversify the economy of the city of Murmansk, to form new jobs, to meet the business, social, cultural and recreational needs of the residents and visitors of the city.

Local governments have limited influence on the factors that are threats and opportunities for the development of tourism in the city of Murmansk. In addressing this issue it is important to consolidate the efforts of the city administration of Murmansk and executive bodies of the state power of the Murmansk region in the field of infrastructure, marketing and information support of the development of tourism.

The development of the following types of tourism is the most promising in the city of Murmansk:

  •           Business, mice-tourism in the framework of international cooperation, including the development of the Arctic;
  •           accompanying : boat trips, sightseeing tours; extreme tourism (diving, cycling crosses), environmental, geological and sports tourism, including fishing; cultural tourism including visiting museums, the aquarium etc;
  •           cruise (based on the creation of a "Marine Facade" complex, as well as the development of the coastal recreational and tourist area). 

In the framework of the development of tourism products for the city attention should be paid to the development of ecological and geological tourism.

Strategic goal – building a modern competitive tourist complex in the city of Murmansk to meet the business, social, cultural and recreational needs of residents and visitors alike.

As part of this goal the infrastructural development of Murmansk as a leading business center for the development of the Arctic region is also planned.


1. Ensuring the development of the business environment and the tourism infrastructure of the city of Murmansk

Development of a modern business environment in the city involves first the development of a comfortable and secure business infrastructure as a component of the development of the economic potential and investment attractiveness of the city of Murmansk. Development of business infrastructure is aimed at meeting the growing demand for business services from the industrial and business environment, representatives of local government bodies, public, academic and non-profit organizations. This will ensure the development of the city of Murmansk as a major business, financial and industrial center of the North-West of Russia.

As part of the task, the following activities are possible:

  •           stimulation of the creation and development of a network of modern business centers and office complexes;
  •           modernization of modern service infrastructure: luxury hotels, mini-hotels with a full range of facilities, meeting rooms and other facilities of the business infrastructure, as well as catering and quick service in places of concentration of business establishments; construction of a permanent exhibition center;
  •           promotion of small and medium-sized tourism businesses (including the creation of conditions to reduce the cost of renting of the office space);
  •           promotion of the development of a sea passenger infrastructure and onshore passenger ships maintenance;
  •           development of the infrastructure in order to attract foreign diplomatic, commercial and cultural missions to the city of Murmansk;
  •           formation of a complex of business programs (combining business trips with a variety of educational and recreational activities).

2. Development of a set of tourist products of local importance

As part of solution of this problem local government institutions and executive bodies of state power of the Murmansk region should create well-equipped facilities for excursions, as well as form package offers together with the tour companies on the main city tourist objects, primarily for the "business" tourists.

3. Promotion of "Murmansk" destination on the target tourist markets

To do this you need to implement a group of measures aimed at creating a positive image of the tourist market of the city of Murmansk, and favorable conditions for the cruise lines. Within the framework of urban tourism development programs it is advisable to issue souvenir and information products, as well as the installation of the navigation elements and outdoor advertising of tourist sites.

4. Information support of tourism in the city of Murmansk

Implementation of this problem involves the creation of tourist information centers, development, maintenance and upgrading of urban interactive information Internet portal; implementation of PR activities, organization of info and press tours for the media and others ; use of foreign experience in the organization of tourist products, excursions and tours.

5. High-quality of provision of tourist services

To solve this problem is necessary to organize regular monitoring of the market of tourist services, proposals to regulate the tourism industry and their implementation.

In the framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Murmansk region conducting of professional competitions and rating among the subjects of the tourism industry is possible, as well as the provision of administrative assistance in conducting workshops and training sessions for the subjects of the tourism industry.