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Race in "Kola - Murmansk" is conducted to further promotion of athletics in the city; save sporting traditions in conducting mass athletics events; identify the strongest athletes and teams.

To participate in the run allowed athletes from Sports school, clubs, businesses, organizations, institutions and Clb city of Murmansk region and having a medical clearance.

Winners in the absolute superiority in the distance of 14 km awarded cups and medals, special prizes of city sport comitet.
The winners in all age groups of men, women, boys and girls at distances of 14, 8 and 4 km awarded with cups, medals and diplomas of city sport comitet.
Prize-winners in all age groups of men, women, boys and girls at distances of 14, 8 and 4 km awarded medals and diplomas of city sport comitet.

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The project is a contest of sports records. Participants may be everyone without age limit. The winners are awarded with diplomas of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of Murmansk city Administration and are eligible to participate in the final competition. Winners in the final competition awarded by prizes of Committee on Physical Culture and Sports Murmansk city Administration. Families, and the results are recorded in the book of record holders of sports records of Murmansk.

The program of sports events:
- Outdoor games;
- Fun starts;
- Sport flash mobs;
- Team and individual competitions.
Required section of the program for each of the sports festival - competition of sports records.

Events are held every Sunday at the sports venues located in the city of Murmansk.

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Held in celebration of the "Day of the City" in order to attract the general public to systematic physical training and sports, health promotion under the slogan "Turn the city-hero city Murmansk in health, physical culture and sports."

Race is conducted on the area of children's theatrical center of the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union Anatoly Bredov.

Murmansk, the central avenue of the city - Lenin Avenue.


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The contest "Ski Track is Calling" is held for the purpose of the city program "Development of physical culture and sports in Murmansk", further attraction of the city population to systematic skiing, participation in mass events.

The venue of the competition are ski trails, laid on the bases of sports facilities, schools, kindergartens of Murmansky, as well as in the area of control points (CP-2 (near the bridge over Ivanov creek); MP-4 (Semenovskoe lake cabin walruses)).

Anyone can become a participant of contest "Ski Track is calling": residents and visitors. The competition can participate both individually and family, group, class, school.

Murmansk and guests, let contest bring you joy!

WELCOME on the ski slopes!

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Gathering-hike to places of military glory "Youth Murmansk - the descendants of the soldiers of the Great Victory" refers to events on the patriotic education of youth, development of physical culture and interest in local history.

Conducted a campaign in the run-up to the celebration of "Victory Day".

In the program - visit the memorial in the Valley of Glory, overcoming the paramilitary and the tourist strip obstacles tactical game "Outpost Polar" contest of military and tourist tracks.

Murmansk - the Valley of Glory (74-76 km of road Murmansk - Pechenga).


Sights of a city of Murmansk

Memorial to Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War («Alyosha»)
Location - Murmansk city, Green Cape Hill From the first days of the opening...
The memorial «To the Seamen who died in peacetime»
Location – Murmansk city, descent between Chelyuskintsev Street and Geroev Severomortsev Avenue "To...
Spaso-Preobrazhensky Marine Cathedral, Church of the “Savior on Waters”
Location – Murmansk, descent between Chelyuskintsev Street and Geroev Severomortsev Avenue Marine Orthodox...
The nuclear-powered icebreaker «Lenin»
Location - Murmansk city, Portovy Passage, 25 (pier of the Murmansk Sea...
Murmansk Regional Drama Theatre
Location – Murmansk city, Lenin Ave, 49 Theatre was opened in February 1,...
The bridge across the Kola Bay
Location – Murmansk city, the shore of the Kola Bay near Pribrezhnaya...
The Naval Museum of the Northern fleet
Location – Murmansk city, Tortsev Street, 15 The naval Museum of the Northern fleet...
Memorial «To seamen-submariners who died in peacetime» (cabin of NPS «Kursk»)
Location – Murmansk city, descent between Chelyuskintsev Street and Geroev Severomortsev Avenue Cabin...
Drama theatre of the Northern Fleet
Location – Murmansk city, Kolsky Avenue, 136 The first location of the theater...