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June 23 specialists of the "Murmansk city parks" municipal institution conducted a test launch of two fountains, reported the press service of the City Administration.

One of them is a musical one on the Semenovskoe lake. From mid-July last year, it also worked in a test mode, for the experts for the first time installed such a mechanism in the northern latitudes.

Even the place of a permanent installation of the fountain on the water was discovered by land-surveyors. The special design let not disassemble it and submerge to a depth of 4-5 meters without any problems.

- After the lifting we dried all the mechanisms, configured nozzles, everything works flawlessly - said the director of the municipal institution "Murmansk city parks" Alexander Nakai. - Fountain will gladden residents and visitors of the city till mid-autumn.

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The construction of a new fountain in the park on Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya which has become the main decoration of the green area is completed,. The poured construction is performed in a form of three petals. In addition, the workers have already established two playgrounds here. Urns and wrought-iron benches, which will be installed in the park, have already been ordered. In addition, it is planned to adjust the lighting system this summer: lights will be replaced with more powerful ones.

Source: http://kolanews.ru/news/obshhestvo/3429