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Location - Murmansk city, Green Cape Hill

From the first days of the opening of the memorial people in Murmansk lovingly called him "Murmansk Alyosha", because the main figure of the memorial is the figure of a warrior, a soldier.
In a greatcoat with a rifle slung over his shoulder stands "our Alyosha", his back to the city, defending, hiding it by himself. He stands facing the bay; look fixed on the west, from where great evil – the war -came to our land in 1941. Heroic soldier guards Hero City.

Memorial was opened on 19 October 1974 at the Green Cape Hill (architect I. A. Pokrovsky, sculptor I. D. Brodsky).

Statue of a soldier stands on a seven-meter pedestal, the total height of the monument is 31.5 meters, and the weight is more than 5000 tons. The memorial includes a platform bearing an eternal flame, a sloping triangular pyramid - a flag at half–mast as a sign of mourning, a stele with this inscription: “Defenders of the Arctic – the warriors of the 14th Army, 19th Army, Red Banner Northern Fleet, 7th Air Force, 82nd and 100th Border Troops, and Partisan groups "Soviet Moormen", "Bolshevik Arctic", "Polarmen", "Stalinists", and "Bolshevist". We honor their defense of this land!”

Slightly to one side of the monument are two anti–aircraft guns - during the war anti–aircraft guns were emplaced at the site as part of the air defense of Murmansk. Central granite staircase leads to the podium.

This is how T. Vladimirova describes the opening of the memorial: "The opening of the memorial was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi troops in the Arctic. At 11 o'clock began a march of thousands of columns. Two armoured vehicles moved ahead. On the trailer of the main there was a gun carriage on which the urn with the remains of the Unknown Soldier and two capsules were installed. One contained seawater from the gravesite of the heroic patrol craft “Tuman”, the other with earth watered with blood of the defenders from the Valley of Glory and from the Verman River front. Hundreds of Murmansk citizens with wreaths and fresh flowers climbed the hill to Semyonovskoe lake, where once there were anti-aircraft gunners position. Capsules were solemnly placed in the natural block of quartz. The ceremony was attended by guests from Leningrad, Arkhangelsk, Karelia, the delegation from Finland and Norway - members of the resistance movement. Laying off in the Kola Bay cruiser "Murmansk" saluted 30 volleys ...

May 9, 1975 in front of a monument the solemn reburial of the remains of the Unknown Soldier was held and the eternal flame was lit, moved here from the Monument to the Heroic 6th Battery. In October 2004, on the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet troops in the Arctic, the memorial was accomplished with the Alley of memorial plates of Hero Cities. Underneath the capsules with the earth from these cities were laid.