Памятник ЖИ 2

Location – Murmansk city, public garden near Leningradskaya Street

The first monument in Murmansk was a Memorial to Victims of Intervention, raised on public money collected by subscription among the citizens to the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution, that is, almost exactly 11 years after the foundation of the city.

Monument is placed over the common grave of dead participants in the uprising against the Whites in Murmansk February 21, 1920. Burial was located in the city center, according to political fashion of those times, on a wastelot, loudly Named Liberty Square. Then it got a new name - Victims of the revolution (or Victims of intervention) Square. And seven years after, right to the anniversary of the Revolution it was decided to put a monument on mass grave. The author of the project was the engineer A. Savchenko.

In 1930, a park was set up around the monument. Before modern houses surrounded the park, there had been a splendid view from the top platform of the monument to a large part of the city, the Kola Bay. Today overview narrowed, but the square appears in all its glory.