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Location – Murmansk city, descent between Chelyuskintsev Street and Geroev Severomortsev Avenue

Cabin of nuclear submarine "Kursk" sank in the Barents Sea, became part of the memorial complex "To seamen who died in peace time", installed near the Church of the “Savior on Waters”.

Unveiling of the memorial took place on July,26 2009 on the Day of the Navy.

Nuclear submarine "Kursk" sank in the Barents Sea August 12, 2000 after an explosion on board during preparation for simulated torpedo attack. All 118 people on board died.

In 2001, as a result of large-scale international operations submarine was raised from the seabed, delivered to the factory in settlement Roslykovo, where it was shipped to Snezhnogorsk for recycling. The only thing that was left is the cabin of the submarine.