On the City Day (October 4, 2014) there was a real miracle at the Semenovskoe lake.

A great fiery flower blossomed on the water! After a long process of commissioning works, the only in the northern latitudes singing and dancing fountain started to work in Murmansk.

- Fountain on the Semenovskoe lake started to work in test mode since the middle of July - said Inna Smotrova, acting deputy director of the Municipal Autonomous Cultural Institution "Murmansk city parks and squares". - All this time there were commissioning: surveyors were looking for the most successful location of the fountain so that the construction can be ballasted down for the winter period, new special equipment was being installed.

Now the fountain has found its place on the water - hundred and eight meters from the shore And installed on it 3D-injectors create a truly enchanting sight: spouting water jets are painted in flame, bright blue and green colors by highlighting it in unison with music. However, experts are still engaged in tuning the dancing water jets.

Nevertheless the fountain at the Semenovskoe lake delights the citizens` eyes from morning until late evening. The only reason for the fountain to pause is surge of the lake and strong wind. Under such poor weather conditions, water can pour 3D-injectors, and therefore singing and dancing fountain is turned off.

«Night Murmansk».

Reconstructed cinema “Murmansk” started test working

In the foyer of the first and second floors of the cinema "Murmansk" repairs are completely finished, new comfortable chairs are set in the cinema hall, the modern projector is not worse than the famous "IMAX", a surround sound system "Dolby Atmos" consists of 60 speakers. Today, not every million citizen city can boast a cinema with such equipment, and citizens of Murmansk are already enjoying the movie in the hall, equipped with the latest technology

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- The first show was not crowded because it was early morning of the working day, but nevertheless there are few people,  - said Alexey Lupilin, the general director of the JSC “Cinema enterprise “Murmansk”. - Now the cinema is opened in normal mode, but not all services are functioning at one hundred percent. As soon as we verify that everything works like a clock, we will hold an official opening and start advertising. Now it is more convenient for us that the flow of spectators remained being small

DSC 5704 92c69

As for the cinema surface modernization, the huge screen, which will be located at the place where banners with movie trailers have been placed earlier, will be delivered to the city this weekend. Next week we will begin the installation. WeexpectthatintheCityBirthdayitstartedshowingmovietrailers. More than that, the exterior of "Murmansk" has become more modern and bright, the porch is renovated, and new covering is laid in front of the entry and there is a full-rate parking. For people with disabilities ramps are installed, and in the cinema hall there is a special place in the front row.

A pleasant surprise, which "Murmansk" will present to the citizens, will be showing of the best films of the year with a reduced price, but with a new superb quality. They will be shown daily during the last session.

«Night Murmansk».

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Today, the 2nd of September, 2014, the first city youth house is opened in Murmansk. 

дом молодежи 01 d5944

In the unit, which is located  in the Orlikova street, 3, with an area of almost 500 square meters photographic and recording studios, cozy living room, recreation room and a conference hall for 75 seats for workshops, conferences and artistic performances are placed.

дом молодежи 02 4631a

- Unique material base allows young people to create in a professional manner - said at the opening of the Youth House Mayor of the city Alexey Weller. - It is important that, thanks to funding from the municipal purse, young people, who will learn here, don’t have to pay. This is a very important step that will give young people of Murmansk the opportunity to display their talents.

дом молодежи 03 1b113

The team of the Youth House has already developed a plan of action for the coming weeks, which includes concerts, street flash mobs, theater performances, online football tournaments with game consoles, etc.

The Youth House has already taken under his wing several city musical groups. The halls was reinforced with additional soundproofing not to create a nuisance to locals during the upcoming concerts.

дом молодежи 04 8eaf5

The opinion of the youth audience, their tastes, preferences and hobbies have been taking into account in the design of all rooms. During the summer there was a large-scale reconstruction, w including replanning, complete replacement of communication systems, redecorating. But the main thing is, of course, modern equipment, which will allow young people not only to do things they love, but to develop, grow creatively.

дом молодежи 05 f7ef6

Another feature of the Youth House became its accessibility for visiting of people with limited mobility, and at the entrance the elevator for people with disabilities is installed.

The department on information and analytical work and interaction with the media of city Administration of Murmansk/

After the grandiose reconstruction the oldest and the tallest hotel in the Arctic, "Arktika" was opened.

DSC 4061 4ecd8

The hotel "Arktika" has become a symbol of Murmansk long time ago, when its image was not like a snow-white "shamrock" of today, it was like a four-story stone building. Being built in 1933, it immediately became a center of the capital of the Arctic. That’s why the Nazi planned to celebrate never took grip of the Soviet Arctic, famous people, who visited Murmansk, retold about it, and even immortalized the hotel in their works. And after construction in the early 1980s of a new, the highest in the region 15-storey building, the "Arktika" firmly received the title of one of the main symbols of Murmansk along with the Alyosha monument.

DSC 4052 52f73

However, for the constructors such a significance of the hotel became honor and burden simultaneously. It is much more difficult, as builders say, to restore the old object than to build a new one. And in the case with the reconstruction of the "Arktika", the problem was really unusual: to turn the hotel into the most modern hotel in the region, while maintaining the familiar look of one of the last examples of Soviet modernism.

And to the credit of all project participants, it became entirely possible. Last Saturday, the opening of the new "Arktika" turned into a real celebration with the participation of the authorities of the city and the region, builders and investors.

DSC 4071 d1f71

- The reconstruction project took three years, directly the construction work took 27 months - said, the mayor of Murmansk Alexey Weller, while opening the ceremony - Today we can see the result, and the citizens can be sure that the result is worthy

According to the words of the head of the city, the reconstruction was preceded by complex financial negotiations, as a result the city could save 50 percent of the stocks of the hotel in municipal property. In addition, the investments, which amounted more than 1.8 billion rubles, were invested fully by the co-owner, the international hotel chain "AZIMUT Hotels" with the support of Sberbank. It means, that these finances were not distracted from the budget of Murmansk.

DSC 4123 a7717

- This hotel is very important in our portfolio, - mentioned Walter Neumann, the general manager of the company “AZIMUT Hotels”, which chain includes the “Arktika”. - This is the first hotel in the Arctic with the “smart” concept, maximal adapted for business visits and business events. It combines hotel rooms and offices, rooms for conferences, meetings and presentations. We incorporated the latest energy-efficient and heat-saving technologies. The hotel has the first in the region two-level parking.

DSC 4055 b9cac

Walter Neumann said, that the company attached great importance to Murmansk as the main platform for the development of tourism and business between Russia and Scandinavia, and the “Arktika” would be one of the bases of this development.

Then the head of Murmansk Alexey Veller as an owner has received from the head of the general contractor of the reconstruction - the "RD Construction" - symbolic key to the hotel. The surprise was the appearance at the opening ceremony of another key – the key, that was handed over at the opening of the former "Arktika" in 1984. Alexey Weller gave it to the new co-owners of the hotel, the representatives of "AZIMUT Hotels".

And the "Arktika" opened a new milestone in its history, as, however, and a new milestone in the development of Murmansk.

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The 31th of August, 2014, at 10.20 p.m. Murmansk was lit with flash colored lights: this is bright illumination on Lenin Avenue was lit. It consists if 16 visual luminous banners, where the citizens can find the images of the symbols of the capital of the Arctic. "Fish on the waves", "The ship", "The Anchor" and "Northern Nights" - these are the names of the light patterns. They work in the same mode as the city lighting. Updated illuminated panels in Murmansk appeared in 2012. That year the city authorities decided to make a gift to the citizens of Murmansk, to cheer them up and to illuminate the road to some extent.

Also LED composition "Shining" at the southern entrance to Murmansk came on in our city, this is the stele, where the coordinates of Murmansk are written. The composition “The wave” in the park in the Zoya Kosmodemjanskaya str., the LED construction “Murmansk in my heart” near Kolsky ave., 58, and the composition “Caravelle”, consisted of 26 ships, which is lasted from the Five Corners Square to Oktjabrskaya str. burst into lights. Highlighting of the fountain, light composition “Bears-sailors in the boat” and the three-master, where the citizens like to take pictures, also come on in the Semenovskoye lake. Compositions “Nothern lights” (the Geroyev Severomortcev str.) recently appeared in the city construction “The Heart” (the crossroads of the Geroyev Severomortcev str., the Lobov str., the Ivchenko str.) came to full lights. Also the illumination in the park in the Safonov str. is turned on.

It will be recalled that, since the 13th of August the street lights came on in Murmansk. As the chief specialist of the Committee on Urban Development Vyacheslav Smaga said, our city is now illuminated by 11 323 street lights! Let us recall that the global reconstruction of the lighting system of streets and courtyards of the city began with the replacement of lamps in the Lenin avenue for new, energy-saving ones. Then all yard illumination switched to the system "Cascade", and after that action citizens did not pay for it no longer, but the city did. In the process of switching of streetlights on the "Cascade", it turned out that many of them need to be changed. The first modern LED lights were put in the Somov street, which had never been illuminated before. This year, new lights were installed in the Sedov, Starostin streets, and the Severny passage, where it was large repair.

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